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Dagsform increases your quality of life by helping you create and maintain healthy habits. Set and track your health goals while getting support from other users.

Set goals

Begin by setting small weekly health goals, like eating breakfast or sleeping 8 hours. Then use our goal tracker to keep track of how you're doing.

Diet & exercise

For maximum results, keep a diet journal and a workout journal. Our calorie counter can tell you if you're going over your daily calorie limit and even suggest meals. Both the nutrition journal and workout tracker are very easy to use.

New you

After a while, your small weekly health goals become healthy habits, you start choosing healthier diet options and working out becomes a part of your routine. Enjoy your new lifestyle. You earned it!.

Track your goals every day

Use the new Dagsform Goal Tracker to set weekly health goals, for example wake up early or exercise three times a week. Then check off your completed tasks every day to keep track of your progress.

Share and get support

Knowing that you are not alone keeps you motivated and on track. See what others are doing and share your accomplishments. Help others by giving compliments and get some in return. If you don't like sharing, don't worry, it's optional!

Monitor your diet

Keep track of your diet with our easy-to-use diet journal. Set goals to your specific lifestyle, balanced diet, low carb or low fat. We show you how much you are allowed to eat every day in order to achieve your goals.

Workout regularly

It's easy to keep track of your exercises using the Dagsform workout journal! Track your cardio, strength exercises, sets, reps and everything else. Take the workout plan with you to the gym on paper or on your iPhone.

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Become a Premium Member

Premium members get access to more features and are 65% more likely to reach their goals.

  • Track Unlimited Goals

    Create and track unlimited workout, fitness, weight loss and other health goals. Set different weekly schedules for them and share your achievements with friends.

  • Write Your Own Goals

    As a Premium Member you can write your own custom goals based on your individual fitness needs and interest. Going to a special Zumba class at your gym? Use the custom goal feature to track your attendance over time.

  • Tailored Diet Plans

    Choose one of our pre-made diet plans tailored to your goals. All plans are created by fitness professionals and nutritionists. Some example diet plans are Paleo, Low carb, Vegetarian, Easy on the wallet, Quick and Easy (We would love to hear from you what we should add next)

  • Effective Workout Plans

    Follow one of our effective workout plans created by professional trainers and tailor-made according to fitness levels and your desired goals. If your goal is getting toned, losing weight or adding muscle, we have the workout plan that suits you and your schedule.

  • Priority Support

    Have a question on how to use Dagsform or even a simple diet or exercise question? Premium members are bumped to the top of the queue and receive responses within 24 hours (often much sooner).

  • Only $4.95/month

    The price of the Premium membership is only $4.95/month. No extra fees, no long term contracts, upgrade or downgrade anytime. We even offer a 7 day free trial period. It's that simple.

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